Wildflower hike groupMembership in the Hill Country Nudists (HCN) is open to all friendly people, regardless of age, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, biological sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or religion. Prospective members are required to participate in two activities prior to being voted in for membership in HCN, one of which the prospective member must participate whilst nude. This gives you a chance to meet the membership and find out more about our activities as we acquaint ourselves with you.

We are associated with two national nudist organizations: the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) and The Naturist Society (TNSF). Membership in Hill Country Nudists must include membership in one of these national organizations*, with the choice of which left to the member. Current memberships in one of these organizations will be honored.

Membership with AANR includes their monthly newspaper “The Bulletin,” discounts at nude resorts, and legal representation to protect our right to recreate in the nude. AANR is also developing a wide variety of membership benefits from insurance to travel discounts. AANR offers discounts for students and young adults.

Membership in TNSF includes the excellent quarterly magazine “N,” discounts at nude resorts and legal representation in defending our rights. TNSF offers a “senior” discount to anyone age 65 and over, as well as young adult and disabled veteran discounts.

All HCN members receive the monthly newsletter of HCN, “Bare Facts,” which covers previous activities, national nude news and a calendar of upcoming events for the club.

Joining HCN

See the Join Us page to learn about the requirements for joining our club.

Membership Dues

Membership dues in HCN are paid on an annual basis and, currently, we ask that they be paid via check and mailed to our address:

PO Box 91802
Austin, TX 78709

Annual Memberships

If you are already a member of AANR or TNSF, and can show proof of current membership, you will only require Hill County Nudists annual dues of $25.00 for singles*, or $40 for couples or families.

Without membership in one of those organizations, the annual cost of membership will be determined by which national organization you choose to join. Only one AANR or TNSF membership is required to join HCN.

When you buy your AANR or TNSF through HCN, you get a discount as opposed to buying directly from the two organizations.

Membership Rates

Member Status HCN + AANR HCN + TNSF
Single* $25 + $49 = $74 $25 + $74 = $99
Couple / Family $40 + $98 = $138 $40 + $74 = $114
Senior Single (65+) $25 + $49 = $74 $25 + $64 = $89
Senior Couple (65+) $40 + $98 = $138 $40 + $64 = $104

(*) Students

HCN offers a discounted membership fee for full-time college students. The student rate is $20.00 annually. Students are not required to join AANR or TNSF. Proof of full-time student status must be provided when submitting your application.

Supplemental Memberships

If you are already a member of AANR or TNSF and would like to add a membership in either AANR or TNSF, HCN offers discounted supplemental membership rates, as follows.

Member Status AANR TNSF
Single $49 $74
Couple $98 $74
Senior Single (65+) $49 $64
Senior Couple (65+) $98 $64

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