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For the mainstream, nudism is often considered something that “other people” do.  While the idea of shedding clothes when just around the house is becoming the norm during the warmer months, it can be difficult for many to get used to the idea of doing so when socializing with other people who also enjoy it.  Many people had been considering the idea but have never had that last gentle nudge.

Well, here is your nudge!

Nude Recreation Week (July 4th through July 10th) takes place just after the July 4th holiday, and celebrates freedom from clothing in general, and swimwear in particular! It is all about making it easier for you to take that last step.

Many nudist resorts will be gearing up for open-house events and will be going out of their way to give interested couples and singles an experience they will enjoy enough to consider membership.

If you are among those who have been thinking about it but just haven’t taken the time to do a “deeper dive” into nudism, this is a good time to do so!

The Zilker Trail of Lights is not taking place this year due to budget cuts.  So what's a person to do??

For those of you who miss walking that long trail of beautiful Christmas lights, there is another option.  Star Ranch, a nudist resort located in McDade, TX, is hosting their own "Walk of Lights" event at their resort, starting on December 8th and going through December 17th. It is open to the general public on those days from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM.

I've been told that the display is truly beautiful and that it's well worth the drive to get there.  Everyone at the resort will be clothed during those hours, so the nude-squeamish need not worry.

If you need directions and / or more information, you can contact Star Ranch's Office from the information on their web site.

The web team has been quite busy putting together a new and improved web presence and we hope you like it.  With the changes will come a lot more nice features, many of which are not yet implemented.

The main benefits to all this work is that, with these changes, we will be enabling the web site to be expanded later on to provide, for example, the ability for members to manage their HCN memberships or to contribute to a discussion forum, etc.

If you have comments about these changes, please post a comment and let us know what you think.