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     Early naturists (or nudists—I use the European- and North American preferred terms interchangeably), especially of the German-Swiss Freikörperkultur (FKK, or free body culture) variety, stressed maintaining fit bodies.  Their early magazines highlighted that emphasis all the way from the beginnings over a century ago until the early 50s.  For many or most of our predecessors in nude living, caring for, and baring of, figures and physiques constituted a serious lifestyle choice and not merely “recreation” (in its modern meaning more closely associated with leisure than an extreme makeover).  Even today, some traces of that emphasis on keeping in shape linger on in such names as the Healthy Hides of Houston and the Sahnoans (allegedly meaning “the healthy ones” in some native tribal language) of Star Ranch at McDade.

     So, what happened?  Simple explanation:  we nudists are still very much influenced by our larger society, so, as a whole, we gradually descended into less fitness and excessive weight along with the rest of our peers.  That trend has been so well documented that many in the medical and related professions have declared the downward trend in fitness and weight control to be a national epidemic.  That’s true not only among adults but also among teens and pre-teens.  If physical education in schools was generally a joke in the 1950s when I was a student, it’s even less effective in today’s secondary educational system.

When clothes are removed, partially or totally, the results of lack of fitness become even more obvious.  All of us know this, but we, as a polite society, very seldom speak of the “elephant in the room” (pun generally not intended) for fear of offending folks in our valued circle of friends.  So, what are some polite ways to broach this important topic?

By personal observation and experience, fitness advocates have been less than effective, either as living examples or via spoken or written words, in encouraging people in their social and professional circles to shape up for both their health and their good looks.  Even my example of fitness for most of my long adulthood has had little effect on most of those with whom I regularly come in contact.  (Granted, my fitness and weight aren’t top-of-the-line examples, either!)

So, that’s what blogs are for: to toss ideas around and see if there are better solutions out there that haven’t yet been put into full effect.  So, as in the title, how do we encourage our minority group of friendly nudists to stop following the lead of society in general and, unstead, to start showing leadership ourselves.  Naturists/nudists at the cutting edge of a new fitness revolution?  More “impossible” things than that have happened.  So what are some of your ideas for becoming “biggest losers” in the area of weight loss and “winsome gainers” in strength and endurance?  Inquiring minds want to know.

David C.