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There are quite a few wine-lovers in Austin, and I count myself among them, probably don’t really stop to consider just how lucky we are to have great wines that come from right here in the hill country just west of us! The local wines are so good… and largely inexpensive, that it’s easy to fall into a pattern of serving only locals at the dinner table.

But it does one a disservice to ones self to limit ones intake to wines made in towns like Stonewall or Fredericksburg. After all, many places from all over the world have something good to offer in a wine.  But when we go to the wine departments at the local market, how do we know which ones are good or which one are not as good?  And, of course, the prices of imported wines can be a bit daunting to those wine-lovers on a budget.

Turns out that some nudists are wine-lovers, and as you might imagine, we have more than a few of them right here in Hill Country Nudists!  Some nudists have been heard to say that “just as one allows a good wine to breathe before tasting, the taster him/her self should allow their skin to breathe.”

HCN has had a number of wine-themed events in the past, including wine-tastings and winery tours.  This weekend will be another wine-tasting event.  This one will feature a “blind” tasting; participants will not know which wine they are drinking and will be able to grade it using guidelines set by the organizers.

I always love the chance to taste new wines and when you add the pleasant surprises of discovering what wines you gave your marks to, it makes for a great time!

There’s lots of cool HCN events coming up soon! The Bare Buns 5k Race will be at Star Ranch this Saturday, which is the perfect way to get outdoors and enjoy a little sun au naturel while getting a bit of exercise!  You can run or walk and not deal with clothes at all! It’s a win-win!

Also, we’ll be heading out to Stonewall soon for the winery tour and wine tasting event, which promises to be great fun!  Brian’s got a nice place out there for camping out for the evening too!  Be sure to bring whatever camping gear you will need.  Check your email for more info!

Quite a few members of HCN may recall the excellent yoga class that was held at one of our members' homes earlier in 2010.  The instructors from that class are also teaching Yoga at their regular facilities in South Austin and so there is an excellent opportunity to train Yoga without the need for body coverings at a convenient location.  I recommend visiting the Nude Yoga site and take a look at their schedule and mark your calendar.  I don't think you'll be disappointed!