Yesterday was one of HCN’s excellent pool parties, this one hosted by one of our couples at their home in the Texas Hill Country. There was an awesome potluck meal followed by Jon’s presentation on the Mayan Calendar, and a dance by the pool with musical backdrop provided by the “Nude Dudes”, a group of club members who occasionally share their musical talents for the club.

Once the sun was down, around 9:30 or so, Steve B. set up his awesome 12.5″ reflector telescope outdoors in a clearing not far from the house, and held the star party portion of the event.  It was a “new moon” night, so the night sky was darker than usual; perfect for viewing the more dim celestial objects. Many of the party guests gathered around in the dark with the aid of Crystal B., who was armed with her red flashlight.  That was very helpful, since it can take a few minutes for eyes to adjust to the dark.

Steve directed the event by giving a tour of many  interesting celestial objects including several nebulae, a few globular clusters and a few galaxies.  His telescope proved to be very capable; rendering a spectacular view of most of the objects.  It made for a very impressive introduction to astronomy for those who had not yet experienced a view of the stars while in a nudist setting.  Highly recommended!

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